Comment to your reservation

We are pleased to accept your table reservations.

Please note that we have to record some significant loss of revenue due to so-called “no-shows” (non-appearance of guests despite reservation or very short-term cancellations).

Many guests are unaware of the financial and organizational effort associated with our restaurant’s capacity utilization schedule.
We are delighted to keep your table 15 minutes after your reservation time.
Often it is not possible for us to award the vacated table to other guests.
Thus, we remain in these cases the cost of staffing and the purchased food at our expense.

Please note, therefore, that a table reservation legally creates a contractual relationship that triggers certain obligations for us as well as for you.

We therefore ask you to contact us in good time – no later than 1 day – before the agreed date if you wish to cancel your reservation.

Thank you for your understanding.